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25 years of De-Phazz

New Album Jelly Banquet

It’s hard to believe, De-Phazz is celebrating a quarter of a century of good entertainment this year and of course there has to be good music to go with it. The album entitled Jelly Banquet will be released on 30th of September. Cheerful and relaxed is the mood on Jelly Banquet, De-Phazz’s 17th studio album, which marks the band’s 25th anniversary. Host and sample-scientist Pit Baumgartner holds it like Quincy Jones: „If you bring together what doesn’t fit together, you can only win.“ He lets rock singers meet church choirs and alphorns meet ethno-jazz, lards new tunes with retro sound fragments and thus makes the extraordinary voices shine even more. „Pure moments of happiness“ are when the different musical components intertwine and Baumgartner realises: it works!

Sugar Boogie

The first single Sugar Boogie is now available everywhere.

But „Jelly Banquet“ is not only a party, it is also a journey through the pop landscape, sometimes humorous and heartrendingly longing („Mexico Lindo“), sometimes „nashvillig“ cheeky („Where To Go“) or sophisticatedly snobbish: „I cannot sleep in a motel, they can’t spell my name“ („Cougar“). But the goal always remains cool jazz: „It’s also an attitude to life,“ says Pit Baumgartner: „To stay relaxed and not lose your sense of humour even in crises. I know that’s not always easy at the moment, but if we didn’t make music, the world would sometimes be a bit duller.“
Old companions such as Pat Appleton, Karl Frierson, Barbara Lahr, Joo Kraus, Sandie Wollasch and many more as well as new acquaintances such as Inga Rumpf, Vanille, Ola Onabulé, Giedrė, the 3 women from Ganes and Carol Schuler have been invited to the party.

The first single Sugar Boogie is now available everywhere.

De-Phazz Live 2022


 16.06.22 Eröffnung Fortuna Irgendwo, Frankfurt/Main (D) TICKETS
17.06.22 Festung Ehrenbreitstein, Koblenz (D)  TICKETS
22.07.22 Collossaal, Aschaffenburg ( D) TICKETS

23.07.22 Palatia Jazz, Pfalz
24.07.22 Burg Wilhelmstein bei Aachen TICKETS

18.09.2022 Swinging Hannover 14:30 – 16:00 Entrance free

15.10.2022 Jazz and Wine Kakheti, Tsinandali Estate Amphitheatre, Georgia TICKETS

02.11.2022 Jazztage Dresden TICKETS

04.11.22 Ingolstädter Jazztage TICKETS

12.11.2020 MOMkult, Budapest  TICKETS

Twentyfive Years of
amusing Lounge Music


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