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According to Wikipedia: De-Phazz is a downtempo jazz ensemble integrating modern turntablism and elements of soul, Latin, trip hop and drum and bass into a lounge music sound. De-Phazz is led by Pit Baumgartner, a German producer who has varied the lineup of artists for every new album. Some regular members are Barbara Lahr, Karl Frierson and Pat Appleton. Since the release of Detunized Gravity and Godsdog, De-Phazz have appeared on the radar of listeners of equally innovative and sample-driven jazz by the likes of Amon Tobin and The Cinematic Orchestra. The band has released records on Mole Listening Pearls and Universal Jazz Germany along with single releases on Edel Records and United Recordings, and also remixes existing material.

Although De-Phazz functions well as an open project in a studio setting there are some obvious limitations on a live stage. There are different formations that can be implemented: De-Phazz Classic – electronic video show with live muscians and live vocalists), the De-Phazz Vintage DJ Set with vocalists and a solo instrumentalist as well as the De-Phazz Private jazz combo set with 4 musicians, 1 DJ and vocalists.

Find below a list of regular protagonists in the studio as well as on stage:
Pit Baumgartner (producer, Ukulele & Effects), Pat Appleton (songwriter & vocalist), Karl Frierson (songwriter & vocalist), Barbara Lahr (songwriter and vocalist), Oli Rubow (drums, percussion/effects), Bernd Windisch (bass player and computer genius), Frank Spaniol (baritone saxophone/ bass clarinet, flute), Marcus Bartelt – baritone saxophone/ bass clarinet/flute, Ulf Kleiner – Rhodes/piano, Markus Bodenseh – double bass,

On the albums we have had many guests: Otto Engelhardt (songwriter, composition and trombone), Joo Kraus (trumpet & composition), Adax Doersam (composition and guitars), Matthias Doersam (composition and Saxophone), Eckes Malz (piano & composition), Helmut Hattler (bass, composition), Sandy W. (vocals)

to be continued…